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Signs are not permitted in our neighborhood!
Posted on Jun 18th, 2017

Dear Sugar Creek 3 Homeowner,
Our covenants* do not allow for contractor signs (or political signs) to be displayed in yards; however, following the recent hailstorm, your HOA board has agreed to allow the following provisions for this upcoming year:
We request that you place any contracting/repair signs UP NEXT TO YOUR HOUSE and NOT down at the street.  We also ask that you ONLY allow signs to be displayed in your yard DURING THE PERIOD WHEN WORK IS ACTUALLY BEING PERFORMED.  Please ask your contractors to take their signs with them upon completion of work (not to exceed ONE WEEK in cases of exterior improvements rather than roof replacement).  (Signs for our children’s sports teams, etc. are allowed but, again, should be placed up near the house during that sport’s season only.)
Thank you for complying with these requests, and have a safe summer.  And feel free to contact us with any questions.
Michael C. Fox
Sugar Creek III HOA
VP/Architectural Review
*“No signs shall be permitted on any residential lots except that a single sign offering property for sale or for rent may be placed on any such lot provided such sign is not more than 24 inches wide and 20 inches high; provided, however, that such sign may be placed on a post that is of a height not greater than 60 inches from the ground.”   (Item #5 of Sugar Creek 3 Amended Restrictive Covenants;


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