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Emergency… Police… Ambulance?  Dial 911!
Sheriff Contact Information (click here to view security reports)
Greenville County Sheriff: 271-5210
Deputy Smith's Cell Phone: 505-3528 or you may email him
   Deputy Matt Smith at your service! 
The SECURITY and well-being of our families and property is a primary concern to every one of us. For that reason, our neighborhood has joined with Woody Creek, Sugar Creek I/IV and Chelsea Woods (collectively “WSSC”) to contract with Greenville County to receive forty (40) hours per week of dedicated law enforcement services, IN ADDITION TO the law enforcement protection each of receives as a Greenville County taxpayer. Our community deputy patrols the WSSC neighborhoods and, of course, responds to any situations as he deems necessary and appropriate.
Each of the Boards in the WSSC area has at least one Board member assigned to be the Security liaison between the homeowners and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department. Here in Sugar Creek III, we encourage all residents to become (and remain) engaged in the security of our neighborhood. The preferred method of communication depends upon whether the situation is “emergency” or “non-emergency”.
Please call 9-1-1 immediately. A call to anywhere else will waste potentially valuable time. The 9-1-1 dispatcher will send the law enforcement officer(s) who can respond the quickest and most effectively. If our community deputy is on duty at the time, he will likely be the officer dispatched. However, if he is not on duty, it is very important that the closest officer be notified as soon as possible.
Please call your Board Security Chair (see Board of Directors tab) to make him/her aware of the situation. He/she will take responsibility for communicating your situation and/or concern to the proper person(s) and give you an update on the progress of your issue. You are welcome to call our community deputy directly (phone number below), but we believe it is important to notify the Security Chair so he/she can follow up on the issue and, if necessary, notify all of our residents of the security issue.
Community Deputy Notes – Our community deputy from time to time, will give us items he would like for us to pass along to you based upon his observations. For now, he asks that we pay special attention to the following:
1. Do Not Park on the Street unless your garage and driveway are full. This presents a hazard in several ways, including our playing children who may be hidden from motorists’ view. If you find you must park on the street, please do not park across from a neighbor’s driveway and move your vehicle back to your lot as soon as possible.
2. Lock Your Homes and Cars at all times. It is much harder for a thief or vandal to cause a problem if we consistently secure our homes and cars.
Contact your Security Chair or email with comments, questions or concerns.  See security reports in the "Documents/Links" section.


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